- Services -

Facial Treatments

  Cleansing Hydrating  (60 min.) ~ $85
  AHA Paprika (70 min.) ~ $90
  Lunch Time Lift  (40 min.) ~ $60

  Eyebrows ~ $15
  Upper Lip ~ $10
  Face ~ $35
  Legs ~ $65
  Forearms ~ $25


  Microderm Treatment ~ $90
  Pure Acid Peel ~ $100
  Microderm with Peel ~ $120


  Eyebrow ~ $15
  Lashes ~ $22

Just for Men
  Facials ~ $70

- Description of Services -

Lunch Time Lift

This short mini facial is designed for the person who has never had a facial and wants to try it to see how they like it! (Warning - it may be habit forming!) This is also a great idea for pre-teens/teens to learn the benefits of good skin care. We start with a skin analysis, cleansing, and exfoliating treatment and facial mask ending the session by moisturizing and hydrating the skin.


Specialty Facial
This hour of service targets the client with sensitive skin. It also includes all elements in the Lunch Time Lift in addition to any extractions that may be needed. Also included are eye and lip treatments and facial masks to target skin hydration, treat superficial lines and/or to calm or clear impure skin. While masking you will also enjoy a hand or foot rub, whichever you prefer.



This treatment offers deeper exfoliation using a diamond-tipped wand which polishes away dead skin layers. Great for minimizing sun dmage and fine lines, leaving the skin incredibly soft and smooth.


AHA Paprika Facial

This is the signature treatment of the Eminence Skin Care line, which combines the AHA Fruit Pulp Treatment with the Paprika Herbal Treatment. This product contains the highest possible natural fruit acids and is the first all organic fruit Glycolic Peel. The paprika treatment is highly active and detoxifies and oxygenates the epidermis which regenerates and rejuvenates skin leaving it with a rosy, healthy glow. A highly recommended skin care treatment (wich also includes a decollete treatment)!!